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Obviously, the whole point of your security door is to prevent break-ins. You can get protection against drills, and use hinge screws on the hidden hinges. Hinge screws make sure your door can’t be opened even if the hinge pins have been removed. However, you might not ...

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California has seen its most humid summers in several decades. Unfortunately for us, with high humidity comes a very unwelcome set of guests: bugs! Many insects like to breed in high humidity. Some are actually good for us to have a...

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If you are installing a home security system with an alarm in your home, the screen will be used as a detector. This detector will pick up anything that looks like a burglar, a thief, a trespasser, or even a small animal. If the screen picks up an intruder, the alarm ...

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7 months ago
Just perfect! I called last week and they came today on time and ready to get started. Justin and Raphael were friendly and established an immediate rapport that elicited instant trust. Both came Covid ready, a massive plus during this time. They confirmed the estimate I was given over the phone and then told me it would take about 10 minutes to rescreen the door... I think it took them five, and they used the other time to tidy up (going beyond). Just amazing customer service. I can't say enough great things. The cost was perfect. Definitely the right call.
- A.D. H
8 months ago
Great company. I called them to install a security door for my home. They provided great customer service and did an excellent job with the installation.
- Irma I
10 months ago
They really did amazing job. Peninsula Mobile Screens repaired my screen. And it is working like new one. Highly recommend them.
- Brenda L


Phantom Screens in Los Angeles

Phantom screens are a type of exterior security screen that usually comes in two styles: standard and retractable. They can also be installed in different areas of your home, such as patios or porches. This article will discuss the different types of screens that you can choose from, their benefits and how they can help protect your home. 
Most of the time, Los Angeles residents don’t think about the condition of their window and door screens.  When they are in good repair, your screens keep problematic flying insects  outside homes and offices when we have windows and doors open to the lovely weather.  But when those screens fall into disrepair, you need the services of experts like Peninsula Mobile Screens to come quickly to your aid!

No matter where you are in the greater L.A. region, we can bring you screen repair in a timely fashion. From the beach communities to the surrounding ridges of hills, we provide on-site evaluations and services. We can offer you many options to address any problems you are having with your screens.


There are many things that can create the need for screen repair. A screen can be broken by an impact, when something falls against it or is accidentally shoved against it. The force of the gusty Santa Ana winds can blow palm fronds and tree branches into screens. Summer heat can cause frames to expand, and when they then contract, the frame can become warped. That can pull the edges of a screen free from the frame. Of course, highly active pets can claw openings into screens or cavorting children can push screens out of place.

Any of these occurrences can create an emergency need for screen repair. When that happens, Peninsula Mobile Screens can speed to your location. Wherever you are, we can be there. If you are in the hillside communities like Bel Air overlooking the Los Angeles basin, we can find our way to you down any narrow twisty street. If you are located in one of the beach communities like Hermosa Beach, our team can come to you on short notice. From central LA to the San Fernando Valley, we make our services available to potential customers.  


Sometimes what you need is a seemingly easy repair of securing the edge of a screen into a frame. A make-shift repair is likely to be only a temporary solution. It is a much better idea to consult with an expert, to make sure that the fix actually becomes a fix and not an ongoing problem. A specialist in installing and repairing window and door screens can properly re-secure a loose screen in its frame. But when the frame itself is warped, a replacement may be called for  

Window screens aren’t our only interface with the outdoors. It’s also nice to have your doorways open to the air, so keeping screen doors in good condition is also important to your daily lives. When considering replacement window screens or doors, it’s important to consult with a professional to discuss and possible challenges to getting the perfect screens for your needs . 


There are so many things that can create the need for screen repair. Whether they are wood or metal, screen frames can easily expand and warp here in the LA summer heat. This distortion in the frame of your screen can cause tears or fraying; and you can be sure that bugs will find their way inside through any opening. Of course, age also can create disrepair for your window and door screens. Pets and small children can find all manner of creative ways do damage and destroy your window screens.

While window screen repair may seem like a simple thing, a sliding screen door replacement can turn out to be a complicated task. It is worth it to consult professionals like Peninsula Mobile Screens. There are many factors that can contribute to challenge of the situation, from the physical to the esthetic. Simply “patching up” a screen will not necessarily be the answer to your problem.  

Wherever you are in Los Angeles, the appeal of having windows or doors open to the terrific weather of Southern California is tempered by the prospect of flying critters invading your living space. Peninsula Mobile Screens provides the best custom options for screens for your windows and doors. Retractable screen systems are our specialty - we are your local authorized dealer of Phantom Screens, the finest maker of retractable screens. These "hide-away" screens for windows and doors give Los Angeles homeowners many pleasing options for their “open window” conditions.


When you need to make a choice about what type of screening you want to use, the options are the traditional “solid” type of screen that provides a fixed flat screen, or the retractable type of screen which can be used according to your preferences and the weather.  We at Peninsula Mobile Screens can give you the very best options with either choice. Retractable screens provide you with many exciting options. No matter the size of the opening that you want to screen, a retractable screen can be customized for your situation.

Whether you are dealing with the strong Santa Ana winds or the damp morning fogs of the beach communities like Venice, you want your window and door fixtures to be adaptable to the changes in weather. This is where retractable screens become the best choice for your home; the adaptability retractable screens provide coverage when you want it and then retract when you want an unobstructed view.  

Security doors is usually an extra sliding door, which is usually installed outside of the main front entrance. Security doors are designed to offer additional protection against break-ins, by giving the added layer of a second piece of a door that is typically locked. Security doors also have different additional features to prevent break-ins such as better locking mechanisms and stronger mounting.

A sliding door is a good choice if you have recently moved into a new home. These types of doors are more common in older houses, as these doors are more practical and less likely to be damaged. For a new house you should look into installing a hard-wired, double-pane sliding door. These types of doors are very hard-wearing and long-lasting.  


Most of us do not consider the details that make for door security. We might have a retractable screen door for access to a balcony or patio. The back door or garage access door may be secured by only a spring-bolt lock. In our daily activity, we usually lock our door behind us as we go out and don’t think about it any further. However, a spring-bolt lock by itself is not necessarily a strong shield against lock picking, ram-raiding, or other means of door breaching. A spring-bolt lock can be opened without a key in various ways. But a dead-bolt lock can only be opened with a key.

The concern about dead-bolts however is that with sufficient force they can be broken. This is why a good security door provides reinforcement for the dead-bolt. Strike plates can be reinforced, and so can the door frame. These measures can keep the strike plate from popping out of the frame it if gets forced.


For southern California residents who are concerned about security, whether they are in West Hollywood, Culver City, or Venice, having a new security door installed in their entry way can be a major undertaking.  Entry way doors come in a variety of forms, from solid metal surfaces, to more aesthetic bar-work. Discuss your needs with our security door installation expert and we will provide you with the widest range of options that will meet those conditions.


If you started by simply considering screen door repair, but have decided that you want to upgrade to a security door, we can help you with a wide range of options. We have a selection that runs from solid, very functional guard doors to elegant options of open grill work.  

Wherever you are in the greater Los Angeles region, Peninsula Mobile Screens can provide you and your home or office with the finest services and products for window and door screens. We can provide for all of your door and window screen repair and maintenance. We understand that well-fitted screens can improve your home and your experience with our wonderful Southern California climate.  

Check out all different options available for screen doors and windows. 

When you are seeking a window screen repair or replacement service, what makes Peninsula Mobile Screens different is that we will give you the very best response in Los Angeles. If you need any sort of door or window repair, you can be sure that we will be able to handle it. We have devoted our business to providing homeowners and businesses with the finest in window screens and doors, the most responsive repair services, and the best options for security doors and window protection. Wherever you are in the region, rest assured that we will bring the best services to you. It doesn’t matter whether you want a replacement window screen or a retractable screen door, we can bring it all right to your door (or window).  


When you contact us, we are different in that we will deliver prompt service from Venice Beach to Pasadena, or the San Fernando Valley down to the Orange County Line. Serving you where you are is a crucial part of our business. We make no assumptions about the size of your windows, but instead do measurements on site, to make sure we have things exactly correct. Screens are cut and assembled on the spot, inserted with care and diligence, and then we clean up, making sure no debris is left to ruin the view from your new screens. From standard traditional screens to the most modern and desirable retractable window screens, we will complete the work as quickly as possible without compromising on the quality of the work.  

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